The Baynham, Cale, James and Majumdar family history
Edgar Vincent James

Edgar James

My Great Uncle

Born 6 May 1908
Gwehelog, Monmouthshire





Family Stories

I hope to provide some interesting stories about my ancestors here.

The Cale Family

The Story of Trevor Owen Cale
John George Cale - Farmer
The Wedding of Trevor Owen Cale and Gertrude Elizabeth Jenkins
Trevor Owen Cale - Weyburn's First Volunteer in 1914
Trevor Owen Cale - Obituaries
Gertrude Elizabeth Cale Obituary

The James Family

The Story of Reece Cale James
The Military Record of George Cale James
The Funeral of Eliza James (nee Pritchard) in October 1961
The Funeral of Trevor Harold James in 1938
The Funeral of Alphonso Cale James in 1945
Obituary of George Cale James in 1956
Another Obituary of George Cale James in 1956
The Funeral of Edgar Vincent James 30 January 2004

The Ellaway Family

The Death of Emma Smalley (nee Ellaway) in an Automobile Accident in 1913
The Death of Daniel Smalley Second Husband of Emma Elizabeth Ellaway
Uncle Arley's Story (an excerpt from his autobiography) - by my second cousin twice removed

The Pritchard Family

The Obituary of Alma Aish my great great aunt in Matsqui, Britich Columbia in 1953







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