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Howells Family Gravestones
at Gwehelog Chapel, Monmouthshire

Frederick William and Hannah Howells gravestone Gwehelog Chapel

The Gravestone of Frederick William Howells and his wife Hannah (maiden name Jeremiah).
Frederick died on the 3rd of August 1942 and Hannah died on the 8th of May 1944.
Frederick was my first cousin three times removed.

Thomas and Eva Howells grave Gwehelog Chapel

The Gravestone of Thomas Howells who died on the 30th of August 1968 aged 80 and
his wife Eva Rose Howells who died the 1st of January 1994 aged 90. Thomas was the
son of Frederick and Hannah above and my second cousin twice removed.

Graveston of Ernest Howells and his sister Ada at Gwehelog Chapel

Ernest Howells died on the 19th of January 1980 aged 72. His sister Ada died on the
1st of January 1983 aged 84. Ernest and Ada were also the children of Frederick and Hannah
and were my second cosuins twice removed.

Gravestone of Arthur Howells and his wife Mary Violet at Gwehelog Chapel

Arthur Howells died on the 24th of January 1976 aged 73. His wife Mary Violet died in the
12th of February 1995 aged 83. I believe Arthur was also a son of William and Hannah Howells
but I have not confirmed this yet.

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