The Baynham, Cale, James and Majumdar family history
John George Cale

John George Cale

My Great Great Granduncle

Born 20 Aug 1860
Llanvihangel Ystern Llewern, Monmouthshire





Old Family Photos and Documents

Baynham Family Photographs

My uncle Francis John Baynham as a young boy
John during National Service in the army
John with Gerald Nabarro MP on a school trip to London
My grandfather Francis Harold Baynham in the Territorial Army
VE Day party in Kidderminster
My great great grandparents Henry and Alice Baynham
My great great grandfather Henry Baynham
My great grandfather Henry Harold Baynham
My great great grandmother Alice Baynham (nee Rooke)
My great great great uncle James Baynham
My great great great aunt Lucy Baynham with two young children
My great great great grandmother Elizabeth Rooke (nee Broomfield)
My great great aunt Ada Maud Small (nee Baynham) and her husband Thomas James Small
My great grandparents Henry and Sarah Baynham with their children in 1915

Baynham Family Gravestones
The gravestone of my uncle Francis John Baynham at Gwehelog Chapel, Monmouthshire
The grave of Thomas James Small and his wife Ada Maud

Small family graves at Colwall Parish Church

Places of Interest
Colwall Parish Church Herefordshire
Church Street, Ledbury where Harry (Henry) and Sarah Baynham lived
Ledbury Church from Dog Hill

Baynham Family Documents
My uncle Francis John Baynham National Service with the King's Shropshire Light Infantry

Cale Family Photographs

John George Cale and family in Wales about 1909
John George Cale and family in 1913
John George Cale
Trevor Owen Cale taken about 1914
Trevor Owen Cale and family leaving for Canada in 1928
Gertrude Elizabeth Cale
Mary Ann Cale who married George James

Cale Family Gravestones
The Gravestone of my gggg grandparents John and Elizabeth Cale at Gwernesney
Plaque in memory of John George and Catherine Cale
The John George Cale window at Llansoy Church
The headstone of Trevor Owen Cale
The headstone of Gertrude Elizabeth Cale
The Cale family headstone in Llansoy Church yard
Cale family gravestones at Llanvihangel Ystern Llewern Church, Monmouthshire
The gravestone of Joseph Alphonse Cale
The gravestone of William and Mary Ann Cale
The gravestone of Fred Allen and Frank Lewis Cale
The gravestones of Gwen Cale, Albert Edgar and Annie Cale, and Gladys May Davies

The gravestone of George and Mary Ann Parry
The gravestone of William and Sarah Davies at Penrose Parish Church

Places of Interest
New House Farm, Llansoy, Monmouthshire
The Cross Farm birthplace of the wife of Trevor Owen Cale
The Church of St. Michael at Llanvihangel Ystern Llewern, Monmouthshire
Llansoy Parish Church, Monmouthshire
Gwernesney Parish Church, Monmouthshire
The Pant at Llanvihangel Ystern Llewern home of my gggg grandparents George and Mary Ann Parry

Cale Family Documents
The Last Will and Testament of John Cale who died 2 Jan 1848

James Family Photographs

My great great grandfather George James
George James at Raglan Church
George Cale James and his wife Jessie
My great grandfather Joseph Cale James
Owen, Maggie, Ethel and Sheila James as young children
Eric John James as a young boy
Eric James and Edna Watkins on their wedding day
Joseph Cale James in the garden at Woodland View, Gwehelog
Joseph Cale James and wife Eliza in the garden at Woodland View
My great grandmother Eliza on a bike at Woodland View
Eliza and Maggie James
Edgar James and daughter Rosemary
John Raymond Lewis the late husband of Sheila James
The wedding of Claude Stewart Murray James and Mimosa Pragnell
My great great uncle Reece Cale James in the Welch Regiment 1904 - 1909
Reece Cale James with other Officers and NCOs of the Welch Regiment
Reece Cale James in the Monmouthshire Constabulary in 1909
Reece Cale James in the Welch Regiment 1914 - 1918
Reece Cale James and the Association of Conservative Clubs
Alphonso Cale James and his family
Ada Annie James, the daughter of Alphonso and Pheobe James
Ada Cale James who married Thomas Rees with her family
George Cale James with Jessie and son George Godfrey
George Godfrey James
Jessie James with son George
William Cale James and family
William Cale James with wife Mary and daughters Maggie and Ella
James bothers
Trevor Cale James school class photo in Blackwood in 1920
Trevor Cale James aged 16 on 28 Aug 1928
Trevor Cale James in the West Monmouthshire Omnibus Staff Photo in 1930
James women possibly at Berllanderi Cottage, Raglan
My great uncle Owen James with his sister Maggie and children at the Hendre Farm
My great uncle Owen James at the Hendre Farm
The Funeral of King Edward VII - George Cale James pallbearer

James Family Gravestones
James family gravestones at Gwehelog Chapel, Monmouthshire
The gravestone of my great uncle Edgar Vincent James at Bryngwyn Church, Monmouthshire
The gravestone of my great great uncle Alphonso Cale James and his family at Bedwellty Church

Places of Interest
Yew Tree Cottage, Gwehelog about 1963 and 1980
Yew Tree Cottage, Gwehelog 2005
Woodland View, Gwehelog
Woodland View and Ton Cottages
Gwehelog Methodist Chapel
The Road to Cwmcarvan, Monmouthshire
The Church at Cwmcarvan
View of the countryside from Cwmcarvan Church
The Church of St. Mary at Tregare, Monmouthshire
The Church of St. Cadoc at Penrose, Monmouthshire
Gwehelog School possibly 1915 to 1920
Bryngwyn Parish Church, Monmouthshire

James Family Documents
Soldiers' Pay postcard sent to Reece Cale James in 1911
Postcard of the 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards sent by George Cale James to his mother
Postcard of the coronation of King George V in which Sergeant George Cale James was in the Guard of Honour
The Medals of George Cale James
Funeral information for Mary Ann Cale, George James and Elsie May James

Ellaway and Hayward Family Photographs

My Great Great Grandaunt Emma Elizabeth Hayward and daughter Matilda
My first cousin (three times removed) Emma Hayward King and her daughter Mildred
My first cousin (three times removed) Alfred Hayward and his wife Emma

Francombe Family Photographs

The family of Charlotte Lena Francombe who married my great great uncle Reece Cale James

Jenkins Family Photographs

Jenkins Family Gravestones
The Gravestone of James Thomas Edward Jenkins and family at Gwernesney Church
Jenkins family gravestones at Gwernesney Church, Monmouthshire

Majumdar Family Photographs

My grandfather Girindra Majumdar

Pritchard Family Photographs

Pritchard Family Gravestones
The Gravestone of my great great grandparents Herbert and Eleanor Pritchard and their
son Arthur at Usk Parish Church, Monmouthshire.

The Headstone of my great great aunt Alma Aish (nee Pritchard) in British Columbia, Canada

The Gravestone of Isaac and Comfort Beach at Mitchel Troy Church, Monmouthshire

Places of Interest
Mitchel Troy Parish Church, Monmouthshire

Veal Family Photos

This family are connected to Rose (Emily Rosina Cording) the wife of my late great uncle Edgar Vincent James.
Walter Green Veal, grandfather of Rose James
Archibald Veal, great uncle of Rose James
Walter Henry Veal (uncle of Rose James) and family
Walter Henry Veal and his wife Irene and Grandson James in 1948 in Canada
Walter Green Veal with his wife Annie Agnes Price

Window Family Photos

Edwin George Louis Window, my second cousin twice removed
Edwin Window on a counry walk
Edwin Window an EEG technician at Pen-Y-Val Hospital, Abergavenny
Gwendoline Rita Tewkesbury who married Edwin Window
Edwin and Rita Window in their Salvation Army band uniforms

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