The Baynham, Cale, James and Majumdar family history
Joseph Cale James

Joseph Cale James

My Great Grandfather

Born 31 Aug 1868
Llanvihangel Ystern Llewern, Monmouthshire


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We are very sad to announce that Gerald Majumdar passed away on July 6th, 2010 after a brief but courageous battle with cancer.

Welcome to my website about my family history which includes the main surnames of Baynham, Cale, James and Majumdar. I started my research in January 2005 and so far I have over seven hundred and fifty individuals in my family tree and I'm adding more information on a regular basis.

The Baynhams are my maternal grandfather's branch of the tree and originated around Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire. The Cales and James make up the main part of my maternal grandmother's branch and are from Monmouthshire in Wales. Finally the Majumdars are my father's branch for which I have only a few members since he was born in India and I have been unable to find many details.

I have discovered several cousins through my research on the internet including Robert James in Texas, Michele Tate in Nevada, Judy Harper and Graham Cale in Canada, Graham James in Wales and Patricia Redmond in Hampshire all of whom are interested in genealogy. They have provided me with a lot of valuable information and many old photographs for which I am very grateful.

Take a look at what my surname Majumdar means below. Quite appropriate I think!

Thanks for visiting.
Gerald Majumdar


What does the Majumdar name mean?

Indian (Assam and Bengal) and Bangladeshi: Hindu (several communities) and Muslim name meaning ‘record keeper’, ‘archivist’, from Arabic majmua ‘collection’ + the Persian suffix -dar ‘possessor’. The surname has evolved from an official title.

Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

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